Draymond Green responds to Bob McNair’s comments on anthem protestors

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors responded to Houston Texans owner Bob McNair’s comments about anthem protestors.

The national anthem is played before every NFL game and protests during the anthem, designed to bring attention to racial inequality and police violence, have created quite a bit of controversy. NFL owners held a closed door meeting last week and it was reported that Texans’ owner Bob McNair used the phrase, “we can’t have the inmates running the prison,” in talking about the need to take action.

Draymond Green is active on social media and outspoken on all sorts of issues. It is not surprising then that he took to social media to share his feelings.

Green compared McNair to outsted former Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. Sterling had a reputation for boorish and racist behavior and was famously caught on tape making racist comments to a female companion which forced the hand of the NBA commissioner Adam Silver to ban him from the NBA for life. This would end up forcing the sale of the team.

Green later shared more of his thoughts, speaking at his team’s practice.

Bob McNair issued an apology for what he said. He claimed he that he “did not mean to offend anyone,” and was not referring to his players in saying this. He might be too little, too late on this. Star wide reciever for the Texans, DeAndre Hopkins, missed practice on Friday. It was confirmed he did so over these comments.

It was claimed to be over “personal day” taken, according to head coach Bill O’Brien. However, ESPN would report later that Hopkins skipping practice was in response to McNair’s comments. It was also reported that several players wanted to skip practice together but ultimately decided against it. McNair’s apology doesn’t seem to have quieted things down and it seems like more responses like Green’s will be coming.

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