Don’t ask Klay Thompson to officiate your wedding

Klay Thompson was Grand Marshall of last month’s IndyCar GP in Sonoma. Asked to announce the start of the race, Thompson didn’t quite deliver.

Golden State Warriors forward Klay Thompson is great at basketball. In seven seasons in the NBA, the two-time NBA champion has been an All-Star three times, won the 3-point contest, and once scored 37 points in a single quarter. If you need someone to hit a big shot, Thompson is on your short list. If you need him to officiate your wedding, or say, announce the start of a IndyCar race; however, you might want to look elsewhere.

Thompson was named Grand Marshall of the IndyCar GoPro GP of Sonoma last month. The honor gave him the chance to kick off the race by reciting the famous words, “Drivers, start your engines.” It seems simple enough, but Thompson didn’t quite rise to the occasion:

Oh, Klay. My guy. What happened? All that build up from the PA announcer, only for Thompson to botch the first word as if he wasn’t sure “Drivers” was the correct word. The early stumble killed his momentum, and the sheer lack of enthusiasm didn’t help things either. If being Grand Marshall is the equivalent of throwing the first pitch at a baseball game, where does this rank between 50 Cent and John Wall?

Jokes aside, Thompson’s day as Grand Marshall allowed him a chance to tour the racetrack. He met famous drive Marco Andretti, and rode in a two seat car with driver Davey Hamilton. He may have blown the most important job (well actually, his ONLY job), but he got to do plenty else.

I’ll give Thompson this; it didn’t sound good out loud, but I bet it sounded great in his head. And if we’re being honest, what matters is how it sounded to him, not others. As long as he never sees this video, he can live on believing he killed it. Who are we to tarnish that memory?

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