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Knicks’ Michael Beasley sprains his ankle but still wants the ball

Despite injuring his ankle, Knicks forward Michael Beasley still hobbled down the court and called for the ball from the corner behind the arc.

New York Knicks forward Michael Beasley is known for being somewhat of a bust after being selected with the second overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, but he’s also known for being one of the more entertaining players in the association, on the court and off.

Beasley entered last night’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first quarter and promptly chucked a 3-pointer in Michael Beasley fashion. The shot went in, and B-Easy is extremely talented, but he landed on the foot of reigning MVP Russell Westbrook and promptly sprained his ankle.

The injury was severe enough that Beasley had trouble putting any weight on it. Now, that would stop any normal man from thinking he could still play basketball, but not B-Easy. No, Beasley called for the ball while hopping on one leg, looking to hoist another shot before heading to the locker room.

Just when you think the legend of Michael Beasley can’t get any more ridiculous, it always seems to. One has to admire the unflinching confidence despite his rocky career.

Beasley would not return to the game, and it would not come as a surprise to find that he’ll miss multiple games due to the injury. No timetable has been set as of yet, but, in all seriousness, this is a bit if a blow to a Knicks team that is lacking in the offense department.

New York mustered a measly 84 points in last night’s tilt, and if there’s one thing Beasley can undoubtedly contribute its scoring. It appears that Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek has plans for Beasley to play a significant role with the team this season, evidenced by the forward entering the game in the first quarter.

Beasley likely isn’t in much danger of losing his spot in the rotation should he miss an extended amount of time. Heck, he might even be calling for the ball from behind the bench.

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