Tearaway technology apparently a hidden feature in new Nike NBA jerseys

NBA jerseys are easier than ever to tear thanks to some new Nike technological advancements.

The new Nike jerseys are already making a statement on the court. To go along with a new look, Nike set out to change the way the game is played. They installed Dri-FIT technology and increased the ventilation to keep players from looking like Patrick Ewing in the fourth. Drag reduction was increased to make the jersey more lightweight. It wasn’t Dirk Nowitzki’s age and athleticism slowing him down. It was those previously heavy jerseys. Nike also used 3D body maps of players to ensure a perfect fit.

One feature they didn’t tell you about was the new tearaway technology that allows the jersey to come off your body with a nice pull. This little easter egg has already given a couple of players trouble on the court.

The first example of this technology at work occurred during a Los Angeles Lakers preseason game.

Aaron Brooks thinks he’s going to slow up Tyler Ennis on the fastbreak, but he forgot about the tearaway technology. Ennis easily gets away from him and leads a 2-on-1 break for a layup. Angered by his forgetfulness, Brooks commits a foul.

On Tuesday night, in the first game of the new season, Jaylen Brown was victimized by the jersey of LeBron James.

In both cases, the player getting held was able to freely get away and set up a teammate with an assist. While some are complaining that torn jersey’s are a bad look for Nike, I’d beg to differ. Players no longer have to worry about being slowed down by an ill-advised jersey grab.

They know that the new Nike jersey is Hulk Hogan tested and Hulk Hogan approved. Brother.

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