The Step Back

The Casual Basketball Fan’s guide to NBA rookies

Congratulations! Your favorite basketball team just drafted a highly touted rookie. But wait, you don’t know what to do. What now?

About this guide

Welcome. We are happy you have joined our team and hope your time with us will be rewarding, exciting and, most of all, fun.

To begin, we understand basketball may not your favorite sport. It may not even be your third-favorite. It may be tough for you to find something to be excited about, but don’t worry! The recent buzz around your team and their new rookie can be the perfect bridge!

Exciting things are happening to your favorite team, and you want to be part of it. At the Casual Basketball Fans Association (“CBFA”), we are on a mission to bring Casual Basketball Fans (“CBFs”) into the know about various types of basketball cogs from superstars to analytics, free agents, performance and rookies. We have dedicated this edition to ensuring you not only know who to root for when it comes to the National Basketball Association’s (“NBA”) most green players, but how.

The NBA has a dirty secret: No one knows how to root for a rookie. When does he do something well? How excited should you get? What trends should you follow? When is enough enough?

This guide is for Casual Fans, by Casual Fans. It is designed to assist you in approaching your newfound fandom for your favorite team in the NBA. The excitement surrounding a highly touted rookie (“HTR”) will be the talk of the water cooler and social media. As a CBF, you will never feel left out. With the help of this four-step guide, you will not only know what to look for in a HTR, you will be an authority figure among all the CBFs and basketball fans worldwide.

Note: You are required to review this guide so that you are fully aware and understand the information contained within. If you do not understand any information, it is your responsibility to contact your Executive Director.

Warning: This guide and the information inside is confidential. No portion of this handbook should be shared with anyone who is not in some way affiliated with the CBFA. 

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