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Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison win Halloween (Photo)

The search for the best Halloween costume is over. Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison won it by dressing up as the main characters from White Men Can’t Jump.

If there’s any NBA player that everyone can’t wait to see play this year, it’s Russell Westbrook. In 2016-17, he won the MVP by becoming just the second person ever to average a triple-double. Sam Presti rewarded him by giving him Paul George and Carmelo Anthony before giving his star point guard the richest contract in NBA history.

But aside from what he does on the court, Westbrook is a joy to watch for what he does off it as well. The one thing that makes him the most enigmatic player in the NBA is his flashy wardrobe which he always shows off during press conferences. And though the season hasn’t started yet, he can still appease the fans by showing off his Halloween costume early.

Despite his new teammates, Westbrook decided to team up with an old friend of his, Nick Collison. Together, they make up Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes from the cult classic White Men Can’t Jump:

It would’ve been funnier if the two of them switched roles so that Westbrook would dress up as Harrelson while Collison would go as Snipes. Then again, that leotard suits him so well.

It sure is nice to see Russ get so loose while leaving his business-like demeanor out on the floor. While we should expect to see more Halloween costumes from across the NBA, don’t expect anyone else to top this pair. The league’s sharpest dresser was always going to bring his A-game for Halloween, but this year’s outfit might be his best work yet.

The Thunder actually do play on Halloween, so expect Westbrook and Collison to flash their costumes for the occasion.

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