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Cavaliers Channing Frye says goodbye to teammate, co-host Richard Jefferson

Cleveland Cavaliers center Channing Frye took to Instagram to bid farewell to former teammate and co-host Richard Jefferson.

Former Cleveland Cavalier Richard Jefferson co-hosted the beloved NBA podcast Road Trippin’ since January with his then-teammate Channing Frye. After Jefferson was traded to the Atlanta Hawks in a luxury tax shedding move by Cleveland, Frye took to social media to say goodbye.

In the Instagram post, Frye wished Jefferson good riddance and chided him as a bad locker room presence — all in jest, of course.

Love/hate remarks like that truly only come from the best of friends.

It’s sad to see such a dynamic, likable duo split. The podcast gave fans of the NBA up close and intimate access that is usually reserved for players.

Road Trippin’ taught us that Frye and Spurs legend Tim Duncan used to be in the same World of Warcraft guild.

It’s the podcast where Kyrie Irving first publicly acknowledged his beliefs of an international conspiracy regarding the shape of the earth — maybe you remember this? After the public ridicule, Irving would later say he was just kidding around… maybe.

As for the future of the podcast, co-host Allie Clifton says they plan on continuing the podcast with or without Jefferson, which is bittersweet for fans. The podcast is produced by Uninterrupted, which is owned by LeBron James, so it’s likely the podcast continues with Frye and Clifton in an updated format.

Along with Kay Felder, Jefferson was traded to the Hawks in exchange for the rights to a couple European players and then was promptly waived by Atlanta. Jefferson says he wants to continue playing — and podcasting — and there’s apparently mutual interest between him and the Bucks, per Woj.

If Jefferson takes his vocal talents to Milwaukee, there’s a whole new roster for him to choose his next co-host.

How about former teammate Matthew Dellavedova? The scrappy Australian could make for good radio. Or what about Jason Terry? Terry hosts his own radio show on Sirius XM and the two could bond over both being old and bald.

The options are truly endless.

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