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How long do the good times last for the revamped Thunder?

Somehow this summer the Thunder turned the not-so-great contracts of Victor Oladipo and Enes Kanter into 4-time All Star Paul George and 10-time All Star Carmelo Anthony. And they didn’t even have to trade away a 1st round pick! Just one year after losing franchise cornerstone Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City has rebounded impressively and flanked reigning MVP Russell Westbrook with some elite help.

But is this mix combustible? Despite saying all the right things in the preseason, will George and Anthony be able to mesh playing alongside such a domineering force as Westbrook? Will they be happy playing second and third fiddle?. And even if things go well, how long can they all stay together?

To address this question and many other Thunder-related topics, Andrew Schlecht (@andrewkschlecht) and Jon Hamm (@jonmhamm) join the latest episode of Fastbreak Breakfast. Andrew hosts the Down to Dunk podcast, Jon writes for DailyThunder.com and Bleacher Report, and they both collaborate on the OKC Dream Team podcast.

They also answer:

  • How did Sam Presti pull off these feats of GM wizardry?
  • Do we believe that Oklahoma City will actually pay all the luxury tax necessary to keep this team together?
  • Which player is going to be the most important connective tissue between the new Big Three?
  • Do the Thunder have anyone to play center beyond Steven Adams? Is Dakari Johnson a thing?
  • Who should step up for there to be a Stache Brothers 2.0?

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