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Tommy Heinsohn getting his analysis from the Celtics shower now

Tommy Heinsohn gave Celtics fans some analysis on Monday night that came directly from the team’s shower. Crafty.

Boston Celtics announcer Tommy Heinsohn is one of the more well-known names that do NBA calls around the league, but we know that sometimes he can say things that are a little … well, quirky, more or less. On Monday night though, as the team takes on the Charlotte Hornets in preseason action as the regular season creeps up on us in the month of October, he took things to a whole other level.

At one point in the broadcast, Heinsohn wanted to discuss center Aron Baynes of Australia, who signed with the team over the summer as a free agent. In particular, Heinsohn wanted to talk about Baynes’ large body frame, and well, things took a pretty weird turn.

Heinsohn wanted everyone to know that Baynes looks every bit the part that he’s billed at, and he knows this because he’s brining this hard-hitting analysis directly from the team’s shower.

“I took a look at Baynes in the shower. He looks like all of Australia. He is really put together.”

You see, folks, this is where some in NBA media just get it all wrong. You don’t need sources or first-person interviews — you can sometimes get all the analysis you need from heading to the team’s shower and drawing your own conclusions.

The NBA has been maybe the most entertaining of all the professional sports leagues in recent years, and apparently, that goes from the players on the court all the way to the broadcasters in te booth.

We didn’t even hit the regular season yet and we’re already at peak weirdness in the NBA, so this should be a fun year.

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