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What number will Dwyane Wade wear in Cleveland?

With Dwyane Wade’s traditional No. 3 being worn by Isaiah Thomas, what number will Wade sport during his year in Cleveland?

Dwyane Wade is joining the Cleveland Cavaliers on a one-year deal. Although the move is all but certain, one thing is still unclear; which number Wade will wear in Cleveland. At this point, pending a major twist, Wade will not wear his favorite No. 3. However, LeBron James is working on acquiring a new number for his former Heat teammate.

According to Dave McMenamin, James is working on trying to get the No. 9 for Wade. James is set to discuss the jersey situation with the equipment manager after today’s practice. But, one problem presents itself. New Cleveland member, Cedi Osman, is currently assigned to the No. 9 jersey.

Of course, Osman should presumably have no problem with the switch. Osman, who has previously worn the No. 6 elsewhere, can wear the No. 6 in Cleveland. No member of the team currently wears that number. Therefore, if Osman agrees to swap jerseys, he has the option available to him to return to his traditional number, freeing up the No. 9 jersey for Wade upon his arrival.

Wade has worn the No. 3 jersey for as long as fans can remember. From 2001 to June 2017, Wade sported the No. 3 jersey. However, that was not Wade’s jersey number in high school. Wade wore the No. 25 in high school. Of course, the option for Wade to wear the number is available, it would just be odd seeing a guard in the No. 25 jersey. Remember how odd it was watching Derrick Rose bring the ball up the court in the No. 25 Knicks jersey? If not, you’re lucky. It’s almost certain that Wade will wear No. 9, as the King always has his way in Cleveland. Ask and you shall receive, if you’re an NBA superstar for the Cavaliers.

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