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Chicago Bulls fan makes a wise decision with his Dwyane Wade

With Dwyane Wade no longer a Chicago Bull, one fan took a wise route in accepting it.

There’s a certain senselessness that comes from sports fans burning their favorite players’ jerseys. In the age of social media, it’s a quick way to go viral. However, logic contradicts jersey burning, because it’s an act of simply throwing away invested money. (Not to mention it’s simply the business of sports and sports aren’t meant to be taken that personally.)

One Chicago Bulls fan is at least aware of the cost. Though the Bulls paid Dwyane Wade $39 million for one season of play, Wade and the team agreed to a buyout that would allow the 12-time All-Star to sign with any team he wants. Naturally, he signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers to reunited with LeBron James.

Any fans who bought Wade jerseys could be frustrated their purchase didn’t have a long shelf life, this Bulls fan isn’t about to let $110 go for the sake of virality.

Jersey burning has become en vogue for fans who want to voice their displeasure over players using their agency to leave destinations. Even if players are traded, fans have gone to their fire pits and sparked their Zippos. The silver lining here is that jersey burning has given rise to less immolated actions, like appreciation.

I stopped wearing jerseys a couple years back, though you could argue that had more to do with my teams’ perpetual losing (Philly fan here) than it does the weird childish feeling I get wearing one. So to see that a Wade jersey is $110 means jersey burning makes even less sense. Let this be a lesson, kids. Stop the jersey burning, if not for respect for the players and the business of sports, at least for your wallet.

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