Let’s rank the possible Dwayne Wade destinations by how fun they’d be

Dwyane Wade escaped the Bulls, but where will he take his talents now that he’s a free agent?

After just one season, filled with plenty of ups and downs, Dwyane Wade is done with Chicago. K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reported on Sunday night that the Bulls and Wade reached a buyout agreement that we all knew was coming but just didn’t know when.

The when is now, but what happens next is up in the air.

A #WojBomb invaded Sunday Night Football’s airspace to report that four of the most obvious possible landing spots for Wade are indeed possible landing spots.

Let’s rank these destinations based on how plausible they are:

4. Miami Heat

It makes sense in a coming-full-circle way, but Wade just tried that and it blew up in his face. We forget, with how bad the Bulls have become, that they were legit title contenders when Wade signed. It was only after he arrived that things started to fall apart on him. The Bulls still made the postseason and almost knocked off the Celtics, so perhaps his experience in Chicago hasn’t totally soured him on wanting to ‘go home’.

Fun-O-Meter: 3 out of 10 Banana Boats

3. San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs had an uncharacteristically bad offseason. They looked primed to land a big-time player (see: Chris Paul) but swung and missed at every turn. Signing Wade seems like the type of smart-yet-desperate move they’d make to try and recoup their losses. Adding Wade makes the Spurs better but he’s not the difference between beating the Warriors or not. That hurts, but it still doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a great fit for a team that at least is best equipped to find a way to give him his first healthy season in a very long time.

Fun-O-Meter: 5.76 out of 10 Banana Boats

2. Oklahoma City Thunder

What a whirlwind 48-hours it has been for Sam Presti and the Thunder. After acquiring Paul George a few months ago, the team went from fringe title contender to a bigger threat. Then the team traded for Carmelo Anthony and have suddenly become a Top-3 team in the West. Now they’re in a position where adding Wade is the rich getting even richer, and he could run the second unit and role play off the bench while adding depth for the postseason. One thing the Thunder were killed for was a lack of developed depth, and Wade would further change that heading into what could be an existential one-and-done shot at a title.

Fun-O-Meter: 7 out of 10 Banana Boats

1. Cleveland Cavaliers

This could also be labeled Whatever Team LeBron Is On. Wade and LeBron have made it no secret that they’re BFFs, and many were surprised that Wade passed on a reunion with LeBron last year in free agency. Now he gets another shot and can finish his story with the player that gave him a second-wind in Miami. Also, here’s a crazy idea that could have its genesis right now: Wade signs with the Cavs and both he and LeBron opt back in for 2018. They lure a free agent Chris Paul to sign with Cleveland and we finally get the Banana Boat Crew together at last.

Fun-O-Meter: 1,000,000,000 out of 10 Banana Boats

We, as basketball loving fanatics, deserve the hell out of this.

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