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Bulls, Dwyane Wade finally reach a buyout agreement

The Chicago Bulls and Dwyane Wade have reportedly (and finally) reached a buyout agreement.

After an offseason of pretty much complete turnover, the Chicago Bulls have tossed the last life preserver overboard. Dwyane Wade and the team have been flirting with the idea of a contract buyout, which would release the veteran guard into unrestricted free agency, but nothing was official. SOme thought a buyout would happen soon after the Jimmy Butler trade during the draft, while others assumed he’d ride out the storm until after the trade deadline so he could hand select a contender to sign with.

None of that happened, but the divorce has been finalized nonetheless.

Wade and the Bulls have apparently wasted no time in reaching a buyout agreement that frees him from the clutches of perhaps the East’s worst team.

This is big time for both Wade and the number of teams in the market to add him.

Immediately dots will be connected that place Wade landing in Oklahoma City. This news of an official buyout comes just a day after the Thunder traded two players and a pick to the New York Knicks for Carmelo Anthony. It seems like a logical landing spot, but it’s hardly the only one.

There will always be a connection to Cleveland since LeBron James is there and looking for anything that can help the Cavs recoup after a so-so offseason. A return to Miami also shouldn’t be counted out although it’s not necessarily high on the list of possibilities.

Anytime a vet is a free agent, Golden State will be mentioned at least once, even though it’s highly unlikely Wade ends up there.

Either way, the short-lived Wade era in Chicago was fun while it lasted but it’s nothing more than a tear in the rain of this crazy offseason that has turned over almost every major contender in basketball.

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