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LeBron James responds to Trump not inviting Steph Curry to White House

LeBron James has responded to Donald Trump rescinding the invitation to Steph Curry to visit the White House with his Golden State Warriors teammates.

Sorry, I just can’t stick to sports. It’s hard because the president is talking about sports and he’s not sticking to politics, so I figure it’s all fair game. It’s been a busy Saturday morning for Donald Trump. First, he received the backlash from the NFL commissioner, then the head of the NFLPA and scores of NFL players after he referred to players who kneel during the national anthem as a “son of a b****” who should be fired, the NFL ratings are terrible because refs are making the game safer and he’s friends with many NFL owners.

But wait, there’s more!

Trump also withdrew the invitation to Steph Curry after he has said he won’t be visiting the White House with his Warriors teammates after winning the NBA championship last season. This is like when you get fired from your job but afterward, you say, “you can’t fire me because I quit.” Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way.

Just like Trump’s comments on the NFL had NFL players reacting in a passionate manner, so too, did the NBA where LeBron James responded to Trump’s “unvitation” to Curry on Twitter.

The retweets and likes were piling in so quickly as James, Curry, NBA and decent folks across the Twitterverse championed the words of King James.

LeBron really is a hero for this and if he ran for election in 2020, he would win and considering he has as much political experience as the sitting president, you can’t knock him for being a sports star and voicing his opinion. And it’s an opinion shared by thousands and thousands of people who think Trump is a bum and going to the White House used to be a great honor until he showed up.

It’s just unfortunate so many people will have to “boycott” the NBA now that stars spoke out against the outspoken president. Sad.

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