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Golden State Warriors response to Donald Trump’s comments

The Golden State Warriors just picked up another win with their classy, dignified, and measured response to Donald Trump after he rescinded an invitation to Steph Curry to visit the White House.

Donald Trump withdrew an invitation to Steph Curry after he said he wasn’t going to visit the White House to celebrate the Warriors winning the NBA championship. Several NBA players, including LeBron James, came to the defense of Curry after the president of the United States took issue with his decision. James called the president a bum and said an invitation to the White House used to be an honor until he was in office.

Now the Warriors have released an official statement in response to Trump’s comments. The statement said the Warriors intended to meet to discuss the potential visit but after Trump made it clear they aren’t invited, they are disappointed they won’t have the opportunity to express themselves freely on matters important to them. Further, the team will instead use their visit to Washington D.C. in February to celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion.

You can read the statement below, courtesy of ESPN’s Ramona Shelbourne.

This is an incredible statement on a number of levels so let’s break them down. First, you have a president telling a player he’s not welcome at the White House because Curry has been an outspoken critic of Trump.

Secondly, the Warriors will still use their time in D.C. for good. Instead of photo opportunities with the president holding up a Warriors jersey with his name on the back, they will be using their time in a way that will be far more meaningful. Celebrating equality, diversity and inclusion will have a wide-reaching impact on many people.

This is sure to be a hot-button topic in the days ahead with players from the Warriors commenting on the decision as well as players from around the NBA.

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