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Here comes the backlash to the Warriors backlash

On the one hand, the Warriors are incredibly popular. Their merchandise outsells all other teams. Throngs of fans in brand new gear clamoring for autographs fill every visiting arena throughout the league. (On a personal note as a Grizzlies fan- watching crowds of crestfallen and teary-eyed children in Curry jerseys somberly leave your team’s arena is the stuff dreams are made of).

On the other hand, the scorn and derision of the internet, or at least NBA Twitter, has turned on them. After losing to the Cavaliers in 2016, “3-1” memes were unavoidable. If you type “have the Warriors…” into Google, it auto-populates “…ruined the NBA.”

But is it fair to hate the Warriors? This is a franchise that went 18 years with just a single playoff appearance. It was only five years ago when frustrated home fans booed their owner on Chris Mullin night.

Well, according to the Roundball Rock podcast and their hosts Joey Devine (@joeydevine) and Sean Keane (@seankeane): no! Joey and Sean are both comedians who grew up cheering for Golden State and joined the latest episode of Fastbreak Breakfast to address the backlash to Steph Curry and the Warriors. To all the haters they say: get in line! They’ve been mad at their own team for most of their lives. And to everyone they see wearing brand new Kevin Durant jerseys: accurately spell Kelenna Azubuike or go back to your old team, please.

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