Jrue Holiday and family are doing well one year later

On Sept. 20, 2016 Jrue Holiday’s life was crowded with concerns and questions. Today, he and his family are happy. And adorable.

Do you guys remember last year? It was a long time ago by some standards. By others it’s a lifetime. 365 days ago, Jrue Holiday’s daughter was born amid health concerns for both her and her mother. He was slated to miss a portion of the season to care for them while they recuperated from their conditions.

What filled Jrue’s absence were questions. Sure, some were from the fan perspective of “when’s he coming back” or “how well can the Pelicans play without him?” but the greater concern was with how the newborn was faring or how his wife Lauren was recuperating with the knowledge of her upcoming brain surgery in October. This patchwork of prospects would be enough to stun any family, let alone one in a national spotlight.

But they persevered. Jrue returned in November. Lauren fully recovered. Their daughter grew.

It’s a year later than last year because that’s how time works. Things are different now. Things are better.

And everything is adorable. The happiest endings are the ones where a small child eats mashed potatoes by hand.

We can default to the notion that a team’s point guard is their leader. He’s the one primarily in charge of who gets the ball where and how often. They have to juggle personalities and plays and opponents while still putting forth their own personal value. This year the big concern is whether the Pelicans can truly integrate DeMarcus Cousins into a team that with Jrue Holiday and Anthony Davis. It seems like a big question.

It’s still impossible to say, but Holiday is experienced with big questions and ones far bigger than this. If there is an answer to be found, it’s hard to believe he won’t be the one to find it.

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