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Jaylen Brown ready to talk Flat Earth with Kyrie Irving (Video)

Boston Celtics wing Jaylen Brown is ready to talk about a lot of things with new intellectual teammate Kyrie Irving. One day, they will discuss Flat Earth.

Just because you went to college for a year doesn’t mean you’re dumb. That is quite the opposite for two of the most supreme intellectuals on the 2017-18 Boston Celtics. Wing Jaylen Brown grew up in suburban Atlanta, attended a magnet high school program/basketball powerhouse and went to Cal for a year.

He is excited about not only Kyrie Irving joining the team, but looks forward to the many intellectual musings the two new backcourt teammates could have. Yes, Brown is open to discussing Flat Earth with Irving. Can Irving convince him of the Earth’s overall shape?

Like Brown, Irving is a former lottery pick and one-and-done collegiate basketball player. While he only played a handful of games at Duke, you have to be pretty smart to make it into that private university in Durham, North Carolina.

For two guys that spend a lot of time around spheres, it only makes it more ironic that the Flat Earth truth can come out. By adding Irving, not only did the Celtics improve their odds of getting to the 2018 NBA Finals, they also became the most intellectually stimulating team of all time.

While the Butler Boys of head coach Brad Stevens and small forward Gordon Hayward are too busy playing video games together, Brown and Irving will conquer the great questions of the universe, hopefully one podcast at a time.

Please, do a podcast about Flat Earth, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and the Bermuda Triangle. The internet and social media demands it. “The World May Appear” podcast with Jaylen and Kyrie will be the No. 1 sports-related podcast throughout the NBA season. Make it happen, boys.

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