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Kyrie speaks out about LeBron, wanting to leave Cleveland (Video)

Kyrie Irving comments on why he didn’t inform LeBron about wanting to leave Cleveland.

Kyrie Irving doesn’t give a you-know-what. The Celtics guard was on First Take this morning, speaking out about not telling LeBron James about his growing frustrations before requesting a trade. Irving may have had very little to say, but his few words said it all.

If fans weren’t able to see that Irving was unhappy in Cleveland before, they can see now. His responses when asked about his communication with former teammate LeBron James show a clear disconnect between the two. Although neither Irving or James have spoken out about the two’s relationship before, media speculation has concluded that Irving wanting to leave Cleveland left a sour taste in James’ mouth.

Irving displayed a blatant disregard for James’ feelings in his seemingly emotionless response. A simple “no” from the former No. 1 pick when asked if he cares about former teammates says it all. Irving didn’t seem to care about Cleveland, he didn’t seem to care about James and he didn’t seem to care about anybody’s feelings. Furthermore, Irving’s responses indicate that he is probably tired of answering to others, which is probably one of the main reasons he left Cleveland in the first place.

Irving, who asked to be traded from Cleveland this offseason, officially joined the Boston Celtics a few weeks ago. He spent years in the shadow of James and although they achieved a great deal of success together, Irving was seemingly tired of playing second fiddle. The hostile relationship now resembles that of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant last season. With the season less than one month away, Irving’s comments have made the already-epic Celtics/Cavaliers opening matchup that much better. Who knows how the two will react when on the court together again. It’ll sure be a treat for fans.

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