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NBA Board of governors voting on Lottery reform on Sept. 28

With tanking at an all-time high, NBA commissioner Adam Silver wants to alter the way teams can go about this.

The term “tanking” when used in referring to the NBA, is when a team is essentially throwing a season away by trading or benching veterans on the team, collecting draft picks, and giving youthful and inexperienced players an exorbitant amount of playing time. They seem to have a plan mapped out to build toward the future, but many have argued that it is ruining the once competitive nature of the NBA.

No team has embraced tanking more than the Philadelphia 76ers, as they have lived by their “Trust the Process” mantra. They have even inspired other teams around the league such as the Phoenix Suns, Brooklyn Nets, and the Los Angeles Lakers to some degree. NBA commissioner Adam Silver has not been a fan of tanking for quite awhile now, and has devised a potential plan of action that will make teams think twice before they trust the process themselves.

The plan will essentially give the teams with the worst records an even lower chance of obtaining a high draft pick, contradicting what the draft lottery has been doing for the last several years. Commissioner Silver hopes that this plan is voted on in his favor, and would be implemented at the 2019 NBA Draft.

In addition to this proposal, another is on the table to reportedly give Silver more discretion in fining teams for resting players.

Silver first had to get the NBA competition committee to approve of this proposal, which they ultimately did. The next step will be for the NBA board of governors to vote on it, and ultimately decide if it will be implemented or not. Two-thirds majority will have to be in favor of the lottery reform for it to pass, and the board will be voting on it on Sept. 28, in New York.

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