Boris Diaw is leaving the NBA, and us, and it’s awful

Boris Diaw, a professional basketball player best known to the world at large for being a functionally perfect human being, is leaving the NBA.

Which one of you did this? Answer me. Which one of you jerks did something to make Boris Diaw leave the NBA?

I know it was one of you. Someone had to make him do this. Boris “Best Person Alive” Diaw wouldn’t just leave the NBA and our hearts of his own volition. Something, or someone, pushed him out.

To be clear: this is not okay. I understand that maybe he’s lost half a step despite only having one to begin with, and I appreciate that he fell off in most statistical categories. But that’s less important than having Boris Diaw in our lives for 82 games a year. Just his presence, the reminder of his existence is enough to make the game, and life, better.

Let me use Mr. Diaw’s Instagram as a metaphor.

He’s just one small part of that vast, beautiful landscape. The other things are the product of natures steady hand shaping the earth over centuries. One would think a single human life would get lost in the natural expanse. But nope. Boris Diaw not only has a part, he’s the best part. He’s riding a segway. And there’s a husky.

Now he’s riding his segway across the ocean to France.

I repeat. This is not okay.

I know one of you did this to him, did this to us. I will figure out who it is, and I will make myself known to you. And on that way I will make you feel the hurt I feel tenfold.

But for now, I’ll leave you with a picture of my heart. Alone, staring off into the world, wondering if any of it is worth it without Boris in my life.

Stay strong, everyone.

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