Paul Pierce and Ray Allen bury the hatchet, settle their fued

Bad blood has been set aside as Paul Pierce and Ray Allen reunite, and make up in China.

One of the NBA’s most notable, hate-filled feuds looks to be coming to an end. When Paul Pierce and Ray Allen met up in Shanghai for a celebrity basketball game, the two hit it off. Just like old times. Now, “The Truth” is calling for peace between the two sides. Pierce has challenged former teammates Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett to make amends with Allen, as well.

It’s unclear what has gotten into Pierce. Maybe retirement has changed his view of things or maybe it’s the wisdom that comes with age. But, we know one thing for sure — it’s about freakin’ time.

By and large, the Celtics had every right to be mad at Ray Allen. When Allen left for the team’s arch-nemesis, the Miami Heat, things were still looking up for the Celtics. In Allen’s case, however, his career was coming to a close and so he made the choice best for himself. At 37, Allen was being integrated into the Celtics bench, where he would be for most teams. That’s not to say Allen was bad at 37, but his game had declined significantly. Meanwhile, the Miami Heat were building a super team. The Heat were favored to win the Finals over the Celtics and Allen saw an opportunity. Ironically, it wasn’t the fact that Allen had left, it’s the way he left according to his Celtics teammates.

The Celtics have exiled Allen from all reunions of their Big Three era. The squad has made multiple public appearances without Allen and even criticized his decision and character on national television. But, Pierce is ready to extend the olive branch to his former teammate and we have light at the end of the tunnel.

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