15 athletes who are grandparents at heart

In honor of National Grandparent’s Day, here are athletes who remind everyone of their own grandparents.

Sep. 10 is National Grandparent’s Day. Like mothers and fathers, we should celebrate our grandparents everyday because without them, we wouldn’t be here. But just in case you forget to celebrate your grandparents everyday, someone created a day where it’s mandatory that you celebrate them.

Grandparents are the best because they just don’t care anymore. They’ll spoil you knowing that your parents are the ones who have to deal with the consequences, they’ll give you hugs for no reason, and they’ll turn a blind eye because you aren’t their child. At least, that’s how my grandma is. Maybe your grandma or granddad are different. Maybe they try to parent you worse than your parents or maybe they try to fit in with you, which I imagine would be pretty annoying after awhile.

I can’t speak for how your grandparent acts. I just hope you appreciate your grandparent and realize that they won’t be around forever. Treasure them because when they’re gone, you’ll be stuck with only your parents. And maybe your parents are cool. But Will Smith never wrote a song called “Grandparents Just Don’t Understand.”

While most athletes are too young to be actual grandparents, more than a few athletes are grandparents at heart. Whether they’re the old man on the team, they give random hugs, they act well below their age, or they talk about “my day,” there are plenty of traits that make an athlete a grandparent.

Here are 15 athletes who are grandparents at heart.

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