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Miami Heat would only sign Dwyane Wade in bench role

The Miami Heat would think about signing their former superstar Dwyane Wade, but they can only envision him in a role off the bench.

The day that Dwyane Wade gets bought out from the Chicago Bulls appears to be drawing nearer every second, and there are many teams out there who would be interested in the three-time champion.

The Miami Heat would definitely be an appealing destination for Wade, because he has already experienced the winning culture there. But according to the Miami Herald, they would only sign him if he was comfortable with a role off the bench.

Wade is reportedly intrigued by the Cleveland Cavaliers and either team in Los Angeles as well. The Bulls are in rebuilding mode at the moment, and so it makes little sense for them to keep Dwyane around. If they can get any value back by trading him, then that would obviously be their first course of action.

“When the time is right for me and the Chicago Bulls to sit down and talk about the future, we will do that,” Wade said to Turner Sports. “The time hasn’t been right obviously to this point. But I will be in Chicago soon enough and hopefully we get an opportunity to sit down and talk about the future and the direction and go from there. I’m 35 years old. I’m a grown man. I can definitely sit across the room from you and listen to your truth and hopefully hear mine and go from there.”

Wade’s age and $23.8 million contract will make it pretty tough to trade him, and so a buyout seems inevitable at some point. Chicago might wait until around the trade deadline to see if the market yields them any draft picks, but the more likely scenario is that Wade is on a new team by the time 2018 rolls around.

He helped the Bulls squeak into the playoffs last season, but locker room chemistry didn’t appear to be that stable especially between the veterans and younger players.

Wade’s friendship with LeBron James and the likelihood of the Cavaliers going to the NBA Finals again make Cleveland the frontrunner to sign the shooting guard, but the Los Angeles Clippers are also in desperate need of a ball handler to take Chris Paul’s place.

Only time will tell where Wade signs, but you can bet that wherever it is will have a better chance of contending than the Bulls currently do. The primary impediment to him landing in Miami probably isn’t even the bench role. It is the way the relationship ended between Wade and Pat Riley, but they could work things out if it meant a championship was within their reach once again.

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