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Tim Duncan matching donations for Hurricane Irma relief in Virgin Islands

Tim Duncan will match donations to support the U.S. Virgin Islands in light of Hurricane Irma.

Tim Duncan recently offered his public support to the U.S. Virgin Islands in the wake of Hurricane Irma, and that is notable because of how little we’ve heard from him since retiring. The former Spurs legend wrote in a piece on the Players Tribune that the people in the Virgin Islands need help as they recover from Hurricane Irma.

Duncan has already donated $250,000, and he will match donations for up to $1,000,000. Drawing focus to the Virgin Islands is important because so much relief and attention has been paid to the victims in Texas and Florida in the past week. It would be a shame if we forgot about our other citizens.

Duncan’s jersey was retired last season by the Spurs, and he is without a doubt the brightest star in franchise history. There will be a statue of him in San Antonio one day whether he likes it or not. Duncan led the Spurs to five NBA titles, and you could argue that he was the greatest player of his generation. Kobe Bryant was probably Duncan’s only competition in that category.

He had personal experience with Hurricane Hugo in his teenage years, and cans of Chef Boyardee from a relief distribution center helped his family through that difficult time. Hurricane Jose is coming up soon, so, unfortunately, there will be more destruction to come.

The fund Duncan supports has already raised over $640,000, and you can donate at this link. Here is wishing health and safety to everyone in Texas, Florida, the Virgin Islands and anywhere else touched by these hurricanes. Duncan will charter an airplane full of supplies to St. Croix as soon as the weather shifts, and he should be commended for reaching out to the Players’ Tribune and penning this heartfelt plea for help.

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