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2K Sports releases updated NBA 2K18 cover with Kyrie Irving in Boston Celtics jersey

NBA 2K has responded quickly to the trade of its 2018 cover star, Kyrie Irving. On Thursday the company announced a new cover, which will feature Irving donning Boston Celtics green.

Because of the nature of superstardom in the NBA (at least until this summer), it’s rare that someone popular enough to  make the cover of NBA 2K would be traded. Yet the Irving situation was remarkable for how abruptly it arose, and the angle of Irving as 2K cover star was swept to the side in favor of more consequential real-life consequences.

It became urgent once Irving was finally shipped to Boston, with so little time left before the game’s Sept. 19 release date.

The game’s Standard Edition will feature Irving, now in a Celtics jersey, looking much cooler mid-scream than he did shooting a layup on the previous cover. As with each edition of the game, it’s still unknown to what extent Irving will be involved. Last year’s game relied heavily on the actor Michael B. Jordan as a character in MyPlayer mode, but in previous years, players like Kobe Bryant have doubled as cover stars and game characters.

The Legend Edition of NBA 2K18 will feature Shaquille O’Neal and offer various Shaq accessories in the MyPlayer and MyTeam modes. Shaq will also be wearing different jerseys on different covers, with 2K releasing a Gold Edition as well, in which Shaq is wearing a Lakers jersey.

You can buy NBA 2K18 on Sept. 19. The game will be available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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