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Lonzo Ball could be the latest to face the Lil B the Based God Curse

Lonzo Ball had a bad take on hip hop and rap and Lil B the Based God is here to set him straight, putting the rookie in the crosshairs of the dreaded curse.

There are certain things you do not do in the NBA. Getting on the wrong side of rapper Lil B The Based God is definitely one of the things players have to avoid.

Lil B is famous for placing curses on players and they have had a measurable effect — or an immeasurable effect, I am not sure what the proper nomenclature for hexes are. In the always present pop culture awareness of the NBA and its players, being on the wrong side of this curse is enough to make believers of us all.

And Lil B has his next player in his crosshairs. Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball has drawn the ire and may be next in line for the curse.

This came in response to Lonzo Ball being a total millennial and claiming Nas is not real hip hop and no one listens to him anymore. The all-time great rapper being irrelevant is quite the hot take. And it would appear the hip hop world is noticing.

Migos and Future are good. . . but they are no Nas. And Lil B The Based God is making sure Lonzo Ball knows.

The real question is whether the Based God Curse is strong enough to counteract whatever mojo Lonzo Ball’s father has. Lavar Ball long proclaimed his son would be a Los Angeles Laker and that he would “speak it into existence.” Of course, Ball was right there ready to get selected by the Lakers with the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. It worked out according to Lavar’s plan.

But if the Based God Curse is indeed levied on Lonzo, it does not appear any kind of magic can counteract it.

Lil B has levied the curse on several NBA stars, including James Harden and Kevin Durant. In both instances, the superstars failed. Lil B cursed Kevin Durant in 2012 after Durant said he did not get Lil B and did not understand why he was relevant. Durant indeed did not win the title in 2012 as Lil B promised and then he renewed the curse saying the Oklahoma City Thunder would blow a 3-1 lead over the Golden State Warriors in 2016. The Warriors won the series and the curse lived on.

Lil B also cursed James Harden in 2015 for mimicking his soup celebration — where he pretends to stir a bowl in air. The Houston Rockets lost to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals that year.

The lesson here is to avoid getting on the wrong side of Lil B or face the wrath of his curse.

Rookie Lonzo Ball is going to learn this the hard way.

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