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Lonzo Ball has some absolutely terrible hip hop takes

Lonzo Ball is too young to understand what real hip hop is.

For nearly a year we’ve been subjected to LaVar Ball saying things like he could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one and that Lonzo Ball will be better than Steph Curry. Out of all the outrageous things LaVar has said, none of them top Lonzo Ball’s hip hop opinions.

In the video, the oldest Ball brother says, “Ya’ll outdated, don’t nobody listen to Nas no more. Real hip hop is Migos and Future.”

In the words of Migos, skirt skirt. That means pump the brakes, young man.

Oddly, prior to calling Migos and Future “real hip hop,” Ball admits that he doesn’t listen to real hip hop. When a producer says, “we’re gonna get Zo listening to some real hip hop” Ball says, “that’s not going to happen.” It’s like he knows that his opinion is wrong, but he has to stay on Big Baller Brand and give his terrible take anyway.

I’m willing to cut the Lakers guard a little bit of slack given that Illmatic was released in 1994 and Ball wasn’t born until 1997. He also grew up in California, nearly 3,000 miles away from where Nas made his name. Given his love for Migos and Future over Nas, he likely listened to MC Get-Bizzy growing up instead of 2Pac. Can we confirm that Ball has actually listened to Illmatic?

If I’m a Lakers fan, I’ve very worried about the #2 overall pick right now. He really said Migos and Future were real hip hop over Kendrick Lamar and called Nas, who is timeless, outdated. This would be the worst take from any rookie this year if it weren’t for Jayson Tatum declaring that St. Louis style pizza is the best pizza.

Kids these days.

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