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All-Time rosters for all 30 NBA franchises revealed

2k Sports has released its list of starters and reserve players for the All-Time teams for all 30 NBA franchises which will be featured in NBA 2k18.

A never-ending debate that NBA fans can have at any time is which players in a franchise’s history would be the ideal starting five for that franchise. NBA 2k18 provides fodder for that conversation with its All-Time teams for each franchise, and the rosters for those squads in NBA 2k18 has been released by 2k Sports.

These rosters are a bit deeper, however, also including 10 reserve players for each franchise’s All-Time team. 2k isn’t exactly clear on its methodology as far as how the decisions were made on which players were and weren’t included, how long a player had to play for a team to be considered for a particular team’s roster (i.e. Gary Payton for the Miami Heat) and which players were named starters. That’s part of the fun, other than playing with these teams when the game drops on Friday, Sept. 15 of course. It’s all pretty subjective, and strong cases can be made for a lot of different opinions.

To make that gameplay more interesting, there are a few players who appear on multiple rosters. Cover athlete Shaquille O’Neal, for example, appears on three different rosters. Gamers could pit Shaq on the floor against an older or younger version of himself.

Additionally, game players can finally do what Kareem Abdul-Jabaar suggested on the movie “Airplane,” and try dragging Bill Walton and Bob Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes.

For some of these franchises, just selecting just 15 players for the All-Time teams, let alone deciding which of the players should start, was a difficult task. 2k Sports is to be commended for taking on the task, regardless of whether players agree with their selections.

Following are the rosters for each franchise’s All-Time teams for NBA 2k18, complete with the player’s rating and role as a reserve or starter denoted. The teams appear in alphabetical order by city/state.

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