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30 best prospects in conference history

The ACC is perhaps the most historic conference in college basketball, and has produced some all-time greats. Here is how they would rank as NBA Draft prospects today.

The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) changed the college basketball landscape when it officially became a conference in 1953. The original seven members who came together and founded the conference were Duke, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Clemson, Maryland, South Carolina, and Wake Forest. The ACC also allowed Virginia to join the conference before they officially began playing together the following year. A lot has changed since then, as the conference now has 15 members, including 7 of its original 8 members. However, one thing that has not changed is the conferences’ dominance. An ACC team has been crowned National Champions 14 times, with its first official one coming in 1957, and its most recent one in 2017 when North Carolina edged out Gonzaga on the big stage. Two teams have essentially carried the conference though, as North Carolina and Duke have combined to win 11 of the conferences 14 National Championships.

With all the success the conference has enjoyed the last few decades, one can imagine how many phenomenal players the conference has produced. The conference has also boasted legendary coaches such as Dean Smith, Mike Krzyzewski, and Roy Williams to name a few. Many of the players’ success carried over at the highest level, as the conference boasts numerous players with major accolades, including who many believe to be the best basketball player of all-time (Michael Jordan). What if the best players the conference has ever had all entered the NBA draft simultaneously? Strictly based off of their college stats, and how their game could translate to todays NBA, where would they all get selected? We decided to take a crack at answering a fascinating hypothetical.

Just a few things to keep in mind when seeing these rankings: These are strictly based off of how they performed in college, not their NBA careers. If that was the case, then many of these players would not have made the list, and some would have been ranked much higher than where they are now. Every player mentioned also had to have played for their school when it was apart of the ACC. Some players also played more seasons in college than others, which could have helped or hurt their cause.

With that said, let’s get this show on the road, and let the All-time All-ACC NBA Mock Draft debate begin!

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