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Cavaliers to seek further compensation after Isaiah Thomas physical

After the physical on Isaiah Thomas, the Cavaliers will reportedly look for some more compensation from the Celtics

This past week the NBA world was rocked with the news that the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics, two Eastern Conference rivals, had finished a deal that would see Kyrie Irving head off to Boston while Isaiah Thomas now gets to play with LeBron James and Cleveland. We thought that would be the nuttiest part of all this, just the trade alone. Well, we were wrong.

On Friday night, news broke that the deal was actually in some danger, mainly because of the condition of Isaiah Thomas’ hip. The Cavaliers didn’t exactly receive the healthiest version of the point guard, which obviously throws a wrench into things.

With this news coming out on Friday, it was widely expected that the Cavaliers, at the very least, would call the Celtics up and ask for a little more compensation for their troubles here. And it appears they will do just that, as ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting on Saturday the Cavaliers are going to seek that aforementioned compensation now that their new point guard has been examined thoroughly.

What that compensation might be is anyone’s guess at the moment, but what is very clear right now is that the Cavaliers’ management team are not happy campers after their new point guard has been evaluated. It’s rare that we see something like this take place, and it makes it all the more noteworthy considering it revolves around two of the best point guards in the game who just happened to be dealt for one another.

It’ll be interesting to see what exactly it is the Cavaliers will ask for here, and we should find that out sooner rather than later so this deal can become official for both sides as the NBA season approaches.

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