Kobe Bryant is issuing Mamba Mentality challenges on Twitter

Kobe Bryant and his #MambaMentality are taking over Twitter in the wake of his retirement.

On Thursday Nike posted a one-minute video asking people if they are made for the Mamba Mentality. The ad looks to tease Kobe’s next line of sneakers.

Kobe then took to Twitter to call out #MambaMentality challenges to sports stars and popular figures in entertainment. Tweeting from his Musecage, Kobe issued some pressing challenges with blurred images featuring inspiration.

Before he got into his list of challenges. Kobe released a tweet with a phone number and a simple message, “Any questions, call me:”

First there was Isiah Thomas, fresh off his trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Mamba challenged IT to make first team All-NBA next year. A tough feat given the depth of the guard position and that Thomas will be playing next to LeBron James.

The next target was DeMar DeRozan, a player some label as Kobe-light. DeRozan did not get an on-court challenge like IT. Kobe decided he wanted the Raptors’ All-Star to go back to his roots.

Bryant did not save all of his challenges for those in basketball. He called out music artist Kendrick Lamar to do some charitable good.

Another athlete was next on Kobe’s hit list. This time Bryant chose track star Allyson Felix. The Olympic and world champion sprinter got tasked with taking her skills on the track to the Special Olympics.

Kobe again went up the west coast from his L.A. home to Seattle. This time issuing an on-field challenge to Seattle Seahawks’ corner back Richard Sherman. Kobe wants to see Sherman set the Seattle single-season record for interceptions. Sherman would need 11 interceptions to break the record and 10 to tie. Sherman already owns the Seahawks record for most passes defended.

This version of Musecage Mamba is becoming a really enjoyable Twitter follow. Keep up the good work Mr. Bryant, can’t wait to see what’s next!

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