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5 reasons that a Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade doesn’t make sense

Reports indicate that Boston and Cleveland are seriously involved in a trade centered around Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas. Here are five reasons it doesn’t make sense.

Kyrie Irving wanted out of Cleveland in late June, yet still hasn’t been traded. Many speculated that the Nuggets and Suns were the closest to trading for the 25-year old All Star.

The San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, New York Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves were the teams that Irving wanted to go to.

One dark-horse candidate that was lurking was the Boston Celtics. They had the assets and current players to make a move for the Cleveland point guard. According to reports, the Celtics and Cavaliers are engaged in ‘serious discussions’ that involve Irving and Isaiah Thomas in a trade.

Here are five reasons why the trade between Boston and Cleveland doesn’t make any sense — for both sides.

5. Why would Cleveland send Irving to their biggest rival in the East?

Here’s the biggest reason why I can’t see Irving in the Boston green next season. The Cavaliers’ owner, Dan Gilbert, has never been known to be kind to players that want out of his team. It’s the same guy that wrote a horrible letter when LeBron James left, so why is he going to send Irving to the best situation possible in the East?

Even if the return is great, it doesn’t make much sense for Gilbert to just gift the Boston Celtics a 25-year-old All Star that’s on a team-friendly contract.

It’s the Boston Celtics and Danny Ainge, the team that Cleveland fought tooth and nail against in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Why would Cleveland just send their second-best player to that big of a rival? Just doesn’t add up to me.

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