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LeBron James dons new Nike Cavaliers jersey for first time

LeBron James looks and feels scary good in the new Nike Cleveland Cavaliers jersey.

LeBron James is so ready to start the NBA season that he’s already wearing his jersey. The 3-time NBA champion took to Instagram show off his the new Cleveland Cavalier threads, and his muscles, declaring that this year is “Savage Season 15.”

‘The King’ is ready to get this season started “ASAP” but he’ll have to wait until Oct. 17 when the Cavaliers open at home against the Boston Celtics. Unless the league decides to move that date up as a way of catering to LeBron.

I’m not exactly sure what the Terrordome is, but the color scheme is awful and the lighting is pretty bad. LeBron should really invest in some upgrades.

The new Nike jerseys look good on the Cavs star. He looks slender. It’s probably a combination of the jersey, him working out, and him just losing a bunch of stress weight. The NBA offseason has revolved around Cleveland starting with the dismissal of David Griffin and now rumors of LeBron possibly leaving after this season. There’s the whole Kyrie Irving trade request as well.

LeBron probably can’t wait for the season to start just so he can put what’s happened these past two months behind him and get back to basketball. Of course, the closer this season gets, the closer next offseason gets. He might be able to escape on the court, but questions pertaining to his future and his next move are going to be asked throughout the year.

Until then, Cavalier fans can rejoice in the fact that the greatest player on the planet looks ready for the upcoming season and is already rocking the new jersey. Don’t expect Kyrie Irving to do the same.

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