James Harden initiates the boat-by-dunk challenge

James Harden dunks sometimes. James Harden goes around places in a boat sometimes. What if he were to combine these two things into one video?

If you pay attention to the world around you a bit better than I do, you’ve probably heard of the drive-by-dunk challenge. As I understand it, you drive by some people playing basketball, get out of your car with a basketball, and then sneakily dunk on the basketball players with your basketball. It seems pretty simple if you’re able to dunk. James Harden has both a nice beard and that ability.

However, Mr. Harden is nothing if not an individual. He takes the road less traveled and has a nice beard. Sometimes roads are waterways. Sometimes your car is a boat. I don’t mean those things in a metaphorical sense. I’m talking about this video:

Man that’s a nice beard and dunk. Those people didn’t even know what dunked on them. Except they did because you can hear one of them say “that’s James Harden.” He does kind of stand out, and dunking on people does tend to draw attention.

This took place in Miami as there are no boats or water in Houston. It’s probably a little to early to speculate on whether or not he will be signing with the Heat, but if it does happen we’ll know it started with this video and the myriad boat dunk opportunities the city presents.

We should probably speculate on where the drive-by-dunk challenge goes from here. We’ve had cars. Now we’ve had boats. Maybe a plane is in the future? What about a helicopter? I don’t think it’s too much to assume that at some point Frank Kaminsky will be shot out of a cannon into a group of school children to dunk on them during 2nd period P.E. You know he would.

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