5 teams that should be interested in signing Dwyane Wade

It is expected that the Chicago Bulls and 12-time All-Star Dwyane Wade will come to terms on a buyout sometime soon. Here are a few teams that should be watchign closely..

Dwyane Wade signed with the Chicago Bulls last offseason with a two-year, $47 million deal. He decided to opt into his the second year of his contract this offseason, just before the Bulls decided to go into rebuild mode. They traded their other All-Star, Jimmy Butler, to the Timberwolves for Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and Lauri Markkanen. The Bulls also decided to release Rajon Rondo.

Chicago has a roster filled with young players and the expectations of being a poor team. Keeping the elder Wade around does not seem like a wise decision. A buyout between the two would be the best possible resolution for both. It allows Wade to pick his next destination and the Bulls to continue to give their youngsters some run.

Wade, even at 35 years old, is still very talented and capable player. He is no longer the same slasher and finisher he was in his heyday but a few teams could certainly use him.

Here are the five teams that make the most logical sense.

5. A banana boat reunion in the works in Cleveland?

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are great friends. They formed a mini-dynasty in Miami as members of the Heatles. They still vacation together and their kids attend each other’s birthday parties. When the buyout was originally mentioned for Wade, the Cavaliers were the first team on everyone’s mind. That does not change once the buyout is actually completed.

Wade could pencil himself into the starting two spot for the Cavaliers and be flanked by LeBron and Kyrie Irving (if he is still with the team on opening day).

This would kick J.R. Smith to the bench to at least start the game. However, it would give the Cavaliers more options when they are forced to go small, like during the majority of the NBA Finals.

The bench that plagued the Cavaliers through most of the Finals would be bolstered by Smith being the shot-maker for the second unit. Wade also gives LeBron that other playmaker he was desperately asking for last season. Wade averaged 4.6 assists per-36 minuets on a Bulls team with no where near the level of talent the Cavaliers would offer.

The only caveat for Wade would be the future of James in Cleveland. If Wade is willing to take a one-year deal it would make sense. Long-term commitment from Wade also could signal that the rumors surrounding James’ plans next summer are just rumors.

The one-year deal would be most likely and leave Wade to being a free agent again after this season, possibly joining banana-boat buddy LeBron in his next destination. Which brings us to…

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