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Los Angeles Lakers Twitter roster badly needs an update

It can be hard to keep Twitter lists fully updated, but the Los Angeles Lakers are way behind.

Twitter is such an instant reaction medium, and as often as things change it can be hard to keep the tools on it we all use updated at every possible contact point . Teams change players constantly, during the offseason and during the season via trades, so those whose job is to update social media and such face a big challenge at times. But the Los Angeles Lakers have fallen way behind in updating their Twitter list.

On the team’s official website, under the Multimedia tab, you’ll find a “Follow Us On Twitter” hyperlink to click. On the top row of Twitter handles are some usual suspects, like owner/president Jeanie Buss (@JeanieBuss), a community relations feed (@LakersCommunity), and the team’s official account (@Lakers), but on the second row things get start to get dicey.

Pau Gasol’s Twitter handle (@PauGasol) is there, followed by Dwight Howard (@DwightHoward)  the next row down and Steve Nash (@SteveNash) on the row below that. Gasol last played for the Lakers during the 2013-14 season, as did Nash, with Howard last donning the purple and gold the season before that. And that leaves out such Lakers’ legends as Devin Ebanks (@DevinEbanks3), Darius Morris (@dariusmorris4), Jordan Hill (@jordanchill43), Jodie Meeks (@Jmeeks20) and Steve Blake (@SteveBlake5) that are still on the list too.

With great buzz surrounding the Lakers now, the Twitter handles of Lonzo Ball and Magic Johnson have to be atop their list of handles to follow. But no one who has been on the roster in the last few seasons is even on that list, as that part of the website has fallen by the wayside and been outright neglected. Maybe someone will get to updating it soon.

(h/t NBA Reddit)

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