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Kyrie Irving would reportedly sign extension with San Antonio Spurs

The stand off between Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers got another wrinkle with reports that the guard would sign an extension with the Spurs.

Kyrie Irving has made it clear through the media that he wants out of Cleveland. He would like to be the focal point of a team and has demanded a trade.

Irving put out a list of potential teams he would like to join. That list included teams all over the map, not just geographical terms, but in terms of their relevance in the NBA. The San Antonio Spurs were one of the teams that seemed strange. Not only does San Antonio have little to offer Cleveland outside of LaMarcus Aldridge but Kyrie would again be joining another MVP candidate.

Kawhi Leonard has cemented himself in both the Defensive Player of the Year and Most Valuable Player races. However, Leonard’s off the court persona would enable Kyrie to be the number one option to the media, which may be why San Antonio was on the list.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that Kyrie Irving would be willing to sign an extension if Cleveland was able to facilitate a trade that landed him in San Antonio.

The Spurs have interest in Irving, league sources say, and Irving’s willingness to commit to an extension with the Spurs makes for legitimate win-now deal possibilities for Cleveland.

The hang-up, as with most deals, and the centerpiece of the Woj article, is LeBron James’ future. Will the King stay in Cleveland for the long haul or is him moving to Los Angeles a certainty?

So far rumors have been rampant that James will be leaving Cleveland after this season. This is muddying the water for any potential Irving deal. The Cavaliers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The 2016 NBA Champion’s parade seems like a distant memory after this past off-season.

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