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Bulls and Dwyane Wade to reach buyout agreement

Ever since Dwyane Wade opted in to his contract to pay him over $20 million, the rumors have been flying regarding the possible buyout of his contract.

Dwyane Wade was hoping for two things when he decided to go back home to Chicago last summer: make a lot of money and compete for championships.

A year into that experiment, there may be only one of those two things in play. The Bulls are headed for a full rebuild after trading away Jimmy Butler and releasing Rajon Rondo. They have a young nucleus and aren’t expected to win very many games.

On the other hand, Wade is in the back-nine of his career and wants to be able to go out on top. He wasn’t going to opt out of his contract because he would give up a lot of cash.

Now, it’s widely been expected that Chicago and Wade would come to an agreement to buyout the rest of the contract — thus making him a free agent.

According to ESPN’s Nick Friedell, Wade is expected to get a buyout soon from the Bulls. Here’s this exact quote:

Wade isn’t long for the organization’s future and is expected to reach a buyout agreement at some point in the next few months.

Wade is currently due $23.8 million for the next season and will be 35 years old. He was a solid player for the Bulls, but him alone won’t be enough to get through the Eastern Conference playoffs.

There would be a lot of suitors willing to add Wade in a few months. I’m sure Cleveland would be atop his wishlist, with LeBron James — fellow Banana Boat buddy — already there. Houston would also be on that list, as Chris Paul and James Harden have a formidable tandem. There’s also the potential for Carmelo Anthony to go there, which means two Banana Boat buddies in Houston.

Let’s see if Wade ends the season a Bull in 2018.

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