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Raptor’s GM contacted the Cavs to talk about Kyrie Irving

The Toronto Raptors’ new GM, Bobby Webster, says he reached out to the Cleveland Cavaliers to discuss Kyrie Irving.

In July, the Cleveland Cavalier’s Kyrie Irving asked to be traded. Knowing of his talent on the basketball court, a bunch of teams reached out and offered deals to the Cavs in attempts to acquire Irving. And even though Irving has let Cleveland know which team he prefers to go to, the Cavs are listening to every team, as they want the best offer.

So if the player is on the block and the team is willing to listen, why not make an offer, even if your chances of winning the bid are slim?

This is the logic that the Raptors’ general manager Bobby Webster used when he explained to TSN why he offered the Cavaliers a deal for their star point guard.

Speaking to TSN 1050’s Michael Landsberg and Matt Cauz, Webster said that he “definitely” called the Cavaliers to talk about Irving because he would have been “remiss” if he didn’t.

Per The Score:

“Definitely,” Webster told TSN 1050’s Michael Landsberg and Matt Cauz. “We all do our due diligence. Things don’t always make sense, but if they do we’re always prepared.

“That’s a lot of talk that we do, that doesn’t really see the light of day that happens behind closed doors,” Webster added. “When a player like that becomes available you’d be remiss not to call.”

If the Raptors are miraculously able to get Irving from the Cavaliers, the four-time All-Star could help them out a lot. Irving is a very skilled offensive player who can score in multiple ways and can improve the Raptors’ lack of offensive consistency.

However, he probably can’t fit into the Raptors’ roster as they just re-signed All-Star Kyle Lowry (who also plays point guard) to a three-year, $100-million contract. In addition to that, Lowry can’t be traded until January, and I have a feeling Irving wants to leave Cleveland as soon as possible.

Last season, Irving averaged 25.2 points, 5.8 assists and 1.2 steals.

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