Charles Oakley doesn’t want Lamar Odom on his BIG3 team

Charles Oakley likes Lamar Odom. He just doesn’t want him on his BIG3 team.

Lamar Odom wants to get back on the basketball court, and his best bet may be the BIG3. Charles Oakley, meanwhile, doesn’t want him on his squad.

According to TMZ Sports, Oakley, who is a player and a coach for the nostalgia league, told the website that, while he has respect for Odom and would love to see him back on the hardwood, he doesn’t want the ex-Laker star on his team.

“I don’t like him like that,” he told TMZ Sports.


So why doesn’t Oakley, who spent 19 years in the NBA bruising up the best big men in the league, want Odom to have his second chance at basketball fame? His response:

“In life, sometimes you only get but one chance. He had 3 or 4 chances.”

Apparently, Oakley believes that Odom has nearly used up his chances — well, for him anyway. This comes after Odom talked to the head brass of the BIG3, including its founder, Ice Cube, about joining the league.

You would think that a diverse player such as Odom would be a cinch to get into the BIG3, right? Well, there is a sentiment in the basketball world that Odom brought his downfall on himself, and, feeling like Oakley, has been granted chance-after-chance to get his basketball life straight, only to stumble each and every time.

So does that mean Oakley should deny Odom a chance to make amends in the basketball world? He should reverse his stance because Odom has been getting his life together, and the forward still has some game left in him.

Why Oakley won’t give Odom a chance to shine again is beyond us, but it’s a thinking that he should let fade to black, and give Lama Odom a chance to prove that he still has game left.

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