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Lonzo Ball gives his take on LeBron James vs. Kobe Bryant debate (Video)

Lonzo Ball is the most popular name in everyone’s mouths this year, so of course he’d be asked to weigh in and pick between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

Lonzo Ball has been the topic of a ton of debates in 2017, whether it was before the NBA Draft or after the Los Angeles Lakers picked him in June. Now, he had the chance to be on the outside looking in on a debate, and got asked him opinion about LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

The choice between James and Bryant has been heavily discussed seemingly forever, and the topic was ramped up recently when Michael Jordan picked Bryant over James, citing the championship wins as his reasoning.

Ball was then asked his opinion on the hot topic, and gave a differing answer than Jordan did, picking a man he’ll find himself up against on the court once the NBA regular season rolls around in a few months.

Ball placed James over Bryant in his mind, despite the Lakers connection with Bryant, but was sure to say that Jordan had a point with his side of the argument as a disclaimer.

“My favorite player was LeBron growing up, but he does have a point,” Ball said. “Championships do mean a lot. But, it’s tough. I’m a Laker. I want to go with Kobe. But I’ve been saying LeBron for my whole life, so I’ma go with LeBron.”

Ball could have the chance to play with James after this upcoming season is over, as The King reportedly has interest in taking his talents to Los Angeles next offseason if the opportunity arises. While Ball did show a lot of guts going against a player who contributed a lot to the success of the team Ball will be playing for, there may have been some other motives with his answer.

Maybe ask him again after next year if James decides to head somewhere else in free agency, and see if that answer changes.

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