10 NBA personalities to keep in mind on National Middle Child Day

A true celebration of National Middle Child Day would be to ignore it and then remark, “Oh, right” tomorrow.

As Stephanie Tanner, Jan Brady, Malcolm, Darlene Conner, or Lisa Simpson can tell you, being the middle child is no fun. The older child gets to do everything first and makes the mistakes that you’re later punished for. The younger child is always the center of attention for being cute and cuddly.

Middle Child Syndrome doesn’t apply to just middle children, though. It’s a worldwide epidemic that plagues anyone who has been ignored for someone who did it first or someone who’s done it recently.

National Middle Child Day isn’t about celebrating all of the middle children of the world. Middle children, like fathers, mothers, dogs, and donuts should be celebrated every day. National Middle Child Day is about raising awareness towards Middle Child Syndrome. It’s about no longer ignoring those who we have ignored for long enough and appreciating their contributions to sports and society.

Middle Child Syndrome is a common disease in the NBA. It’s been in the league for decades. “The Showtime Lakers were so great and Jordan’s Bulls are unstoppable.” Meanwhile, the Portland Trail Blazers are consistently making the playoffs, reaching the Conference Finals and Finals, and no one cares. They were literally the middle title team between Jordan’s Baby Bulls and Jordan’s Mature Bulls.

Today is your day, late 80’s to mid 90’s Trail Blazers.

And here are ten other NBA teams, players, and coaches that we should be more aware of.

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