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The Zach Randolph defense, Jokic or Boogie, plus other listener questions

Ah, the deep doldrums of summer. A giant hole in the NBA calendar where we sit around and hope to hear news about next year’s NBA calendar. The only players remaining unsigned are the pariahs known as restricted free agents and man-god Tony Allen. The weaker among us may have found ourselves sporadically flipping over to the NFL Network. Our very own The Step Back has taken to writing posts about second year players who will never average double digit anything.

The doldrums are deep, y’all.

On the newest episode of Fastbreak Breakfast, we have filled this fallow season in the most desperate of manners: by accepting questions submitted by our Patreon supporters. A big chunk of the revenue our podcast earns is from listeners who have decided to support us on Patreon, so we opened the floor to them. (If you want a question answered in the future, join our group of patrons at patreon.com/fastbreakbreakfast).

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Among the queries answered:

  • What’s going on with our guy Zach Randolph?
  • Could LeBron James actually move to the Western Conference?
  • Who is your least favorite NBA player and why?
  • Is Nikola Jokic or DeMarcus Cousins better right now?
  • Did Chuck (@themightychuck) mean to say Kyrie Irving is a top-5 player?
  • What are the best three television pilots of all-time?
  • Who would be on the perfect Olympic 3-on-3 team?

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