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Justin Anderson answers your important questions on Twitter

Like most people at 8:00 PM on a Thursday, I wondered what Justin Anderson was up to.

Oh boy! He’s doing that! That is extremely my kind of thing. I have a few kinds of things, and this is certainly one of them.

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I love when NBA players do Q&As. You get to tear at little shreds of personality that never come out in the canned and/or basketball-focused questions you get on broadcasts. This is unfiltered, raw Justin Anderson content coming at you straight from his computer machine.

Now, it’s worth noting that Twitter Fun Time Ask Questions worked out poorly for Dwight Howard in the past, but refusing to learn lessons from Dwight Howard is probably a sign of good judgment in a young player. With positive impressions in mind, let’s dive in.

We start in Philly, where Anderson will come off the bench. Much like Bill Withers, Mr. Anderson is having a lovely day.

Food happens in Philly like many other cities.

For example, here is another city:

But people come with food questions in Philly for one specific kind of foodstuff.

Shkabam. Cheesesteaks.

Moving on. Let’s get to some 76ers basketball.

This is an idea. Let’s dismiss it. Instead, let’s focus on some training things.

Today’s word is confidence. One needs confidence to guard the NBA’s pure scorers. For example:

I thought he was more. Let’s go to Jamal for his thoughts.

He’s using the “quote a tweet and reply to it method” that only people older than 25 do. I feel like that settles something. Let’s see what Justin Anderson has to say about younger people.

For those unaware, UVA stands for “Unlikely Volcanic Ash.” Not sure how that’s relevant. Apparently he has some history with it.

Volcanoes are stronger than Coach K. This has been proven time and time again. Questions related to Mid-Atlantic disasters continued.


He may need to leave Philadelphia after this. Luckily he has options.

Those options span continents.

He seems like a nice man. I like Justin Anderson now. If you too find Justin kind, try not to spoil him.

Basically, any comment beyond of “Joffrey seems like a bit of a jerk” is off limits. Best leave questions to something else.

Or nothing else. He’s done. We’re done. Let’s go home.

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