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Top HS prospect Marvin Bagley III owns JaVale McGee in Drew League game

Many NBA players compete in the Drew League, with the latest being JaVale McGee. Sadly, top HS prospect, Marvin Bagley III, was demolishing McGee.

Warriors backup center JaVale McGee has a lot to celebrate this offseason. He was part of a special team that won an NBA Championship, destroying opponents on the way. McGee re-signed with Golden State, joining the rest of the crew in their pursuit of a repeat.

While many teams in the NBA try to find ways to stop the Warriors, there might be someone in high school that can slow down McGee. During a Drew League game, top high school prospect, Marvin Bagley III was giving the Warriors’ center the business.

The Warriors’ big man was trying to put the moves on Bagley III from the perimeter, but couldn’t shake away to score the basket. After trying so hard, McGee just finds a way to embarrass himself on social media. Here’s a video of the full play below:

McGee might be having a great offseason, but it looks as if Bagley III might be having an even better one. While the rising high school star continues to take visits to find his college home, he spares time to join the Drew League to embarrass some NBA players.

This was a game that also featured Nick “Swaggy P” Young and James Harden going toe to toe, trying to one up the other person.

Unfortunately, the video clip that will be remembered from this game will feature McGee and Bagley III. The Warriors’ big man was featured on Shaqtin’ a fool for years and even with this NBA Championship under his belt, he can’t stop himself from making a fool of himself.

Lucky for Warriors fans, Bagley III won’t be in the NBA for a while to terrorize McGee.

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