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Steph Curry shanks opening tee shot in Tour debut (Video)

Steph Curry’s opening tee shot in his professional golf debut didn’t exactly go as planned.

Ever wonder what Steph Curry does in the offseason?

When the two-time NBA Champion isn’t busy shaking defenders and scoring ridiculous three-pointers, he’s out on the links. Curry, who is a near scratch golfer, was invited to play a Tour event today in the Bay Area.

For those of you unfamiliar with the sport, this is essentially the minor leagues for golf. The pros who golf here are one step below the PGA Tour and are fighting for chance to make it. Most of the time this isn’t their full-time job, but they are trying to make it be.

Curry got up to the tee for his opening drive and let’s just say … it didn’t go as planned. He hooked the shot and it landed in a cup holder of a nearby golf cart.

Curry is known for his accuracy on the court, but that hasn’t seemed to transfer over to the golf course. But don’t you worry, he was able to save the bad shot and score a bogey on the hole.

For those of you wondering, he finished with a score of 74 (4-over) on the round. For a player who spends the majority of his time in the gym, this an impressive feat. After Curry’s basketball career is over, maybe we could see him transition to golf.

Golf is not an easy sport to master, no matter how athletic you are. We’ve seen former athletes like Tony Romo impress with their skill, but there are also others like Charles Barkley who have trouble even finding their swing.

Of course it’s hard not to laugh at Curry’s shot. For us normal golfers, it’s nice to see an elite athlete be human for once.

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