Allen Iverson fails to show up for his BIG3 game on Sunday

NBA Hall-of-Famer Allen Iverson pulled a Derrick Rose and skipped Sunday’s BIG3 game without notice.

Allen Iverson, serving as both player and coach for 3’s Company, was nowhere to be found for his team’s week six game in Dallas. BIG3 released a statement on Twitter saying they were given no advanced notice by Iverson and that the league intended to investigate.

The circumstances for Iverson’s disappearance are unclear, but league officials don’t appear to be jumping to any conclusions. Twitter on the other hand, was not as restrained. One wanna-be sleuth posted a photo from TMZ that allegedly shows Iverson at a Chicago casino with a massive pile of chips in front of him.

However, it’s unlikely that Iverson was gambling instead of playing as TMZ shared the story on Thursday, a day when Iverson’s team was playing in Chicago. Sorry, Twitter detectives. Iverson’s no-show is the latest blow to Ice Cube’s experimental basketball league. The league has been criticized for airing pre-taped games and fans haven’t necessarily gushed about half court basketball or the level of effort and conditioning displayed.

For a league struggling to establish a foothold in the uber competitive sports market, the last thing you want is your biggest name blowing off competition. Hopefully, there’s a simple explanation for The Answer’s absence. Iverson is a legendary baller and you would hate for anything unfortunate to happen in his personal life to force him to miss a commitment.

We will just have to wait to see what the BIG3’s investigation turns up, but we’re hoping for the best. Chances are Iverson was doing something he determined to be a better use of his time than suiting up for this Big3 game.

Former NBA journeyman DerMarr Johnson filled Iverson’s vacancy as player, captain and coach. According to, 3’s Company won their matchup against Clyde Drexler’s team Power, with a score of 53-49.

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