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Damian Lillard claps back at reporter over Kyrie Irving comparison

Damian Lillard wasn’t happy when ESPN Reporter, Tom Haberstroh, compared Kyrie Irving to Lillard. The Blazers’ PG called out Haberstroh on Twitter.

Kyrie Irving requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this week, but the most interesting fallout has nothing to do with the Cavs’ PG.

In a report from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the reason for Irving’s frustration was related to the fact that he wasn’t treated like the team’s number one superstar. Specifically, Irving pointed to Damian Lillard and John Wall as examples that he’s somewhat jealous of.

Immediately after the report came out, media and NBA Twitter ran with Irving-Lillard comparisons, trying to see who’s the better player. Lillard was also asked about it during an interview, where he just questioned why Irving wouldn’t want to be in the NBA Finals every year.

ESPN’s Tom Haberstroh took a look at a comparison of Lillard and Irving, where he claimed that the latter was more like Lillard than Kobe Bryant.

The Blazers’ point guard took offense to this, as he immediately clapped back on Twitter, pointing out the flaw in Haberstroh’s tweet.

Translation: Lillard is saying that he’s winning at least half of his games every year WITHOUT a superstar like LeBron James and he’s making the playoffs.

Lillard’s taking a shot at Irving, who did miss the playoffs in his first three seasons with the Cavaliers and it wasn’t even really close.

The entire week after the news came out that Irving wanted out, Lillard’s name has been floating heavily through the media. It’s easy to make the comparison, as both are score-first point guards that perform under the biggest lights.

But it looks like Lillard thinks he’s not on Irving’s level and doesn’t want to be mentioned in the same breath. They’ll just have to duel it out on the court next season.

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