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Did the new Cleveland Cavaliers red uniforms leak online?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to have some new red uniforms this coming season and we may have gotten a peek at them on Tuesday.

When it comes to the Cleveland Cavaliers recently, most of the news surrounding the organization is not of a positive nature. They can’t stop the Golden State Warriors, Dan Gilbert is firing one of the best general managers in the league out of nowhere, they can’t get the trades done they want to act on and Kyrie Irving apparently doesn’t want to be the sidekick to LeBron James anymore.

However, on Tuesday, there was some more positive news to hit the internet regarding the three-time defending Eastern Conference Champions, and it has to do with the new Nike uniforms for this coming season.

It was speculated that the Cavaliers would be getting a red addition to their uniform scheme, and it appears that is exactly the case. On Tuesday, this picture surfaced showing what many believe is in fact the new red uniforms for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now those … those are sharp! Not to mention, they look a lot better than those god awful black sleeved jerseys the Cavs wear as an alternate sometimes. No, I am not the biggest fan in the world of those things and nothing will change my mind about that.

What also is a nice touch, at second glance, is the blue that goes around the waist to break up the red right in the middle. It’s a subtle aspect of these new uniforms, but it’s a little significant one nonetheless. When it comes to breaking down uniforms, every small detail counts.

Who knows, maybe these fresh new threads will be enough to convince Kyrie to change his mind about the whole trade situation. Probably not, though, so just start imagining what Derrick Rose is gonna look like in these.

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